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While the vast majority of murder incidents does not involve foreigners, the sheer volume means that local officials, who are often inexperienced and underpaid, are unable to cope.The PNC does not count homicides if the victim left the crime scene alive and subsequently died from injuries.Areas of Concern Widespread narcotics and alien-smuggling activities make remote areas especially dangerous because criminals look for any opportunity to strike. Travelers should remain in groups, stay on the principal trails leading to the Central Plaza and the Temple IV complex, and avoid remote areas of the park.Due to uncontrolled drug and alien smuggling, the border with Mexico (and in particular the northwestern corner of Petén) is a high-risk area. Transportation-Safety Situation Road Safety and Road Conditions Overall Road Safety Assessment: Fair Urban road conditions/maintenance: Fair Rural road conditions/maintenance: Fair to poor Availability of roadside/ambulance assistance: Fair U. citizens will encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in the United States.From 2009 to 2013, the number of missing persons cases reported to the government increased 207 percent. Embassy is aware of the disappearances of several U. citizens, the cases for all of whom remain unsolved.While migration could account for some of that increase, it is unlikely that family and friends would undergo the cumbersome process of filing a denuncia (complaint) if they knew or suspected the persons had disappeared voluntarily. Home invasions by armed groups occur in upscale neighborhoods.

There have also been several recent incidents where individuals dressed in police uniforms have been implicated in robberies.

According to government crime statistics, sexual assault numbers increased from 120 in 2009 to 614 in 2014. citizens are being targeted specifically, other than the suspicion that U. citizens and their relatives have more money than average Guatemalans.

In most known cases, women traveling/driving alone were targeted specifically. Longer-term residents and dual nationals are more likely to become victims of serious crimes, as they tend to be integrated into local society and may not reside in the safest areas. tourists have been victims of rapes, sexual/physical assaults, and murder.

Typically, two men on a motorcycle accost the driver of a car and demand the driver’s cell phone.

In some cases, the vehicle occupants were visibly using their cell phones or other handheld devices prior to the theft.

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