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The county has 27 women (of all ages) heading a household with no husband present.Ten of those homes have children under 18, and most of the rest are likely headed by elderly women."Once a person gets away from college, it's harder for them to meet other people in a rural area.But I have a son in Billings and he's encountered the same thing."But it's a good place to live and has good people."In his year and a half serving churches in Broadview (pop.192) and Roundup (1,788), Father Doug Krings has married one couple, in Roundup.343) is a 30-minute drive away for dinner out or a game of basketball."One thing for both of us is we are as happy, even happier, with a cold beer watching the elk bugle as we are having a fancy dinner in the city," Travis said. It's a lifestyle where you spend a lot of time together so it has to be someone you enjoy visiting with."Mary is the fifth-generation of her family on a ranch outside Thermopolis, Wyo., and knew she wanted a childhood on the land for her children, too."I've always loved agriculture and the lifestyle, that you can be around your kids, that you're outside with animals," she said."I love my husband, and Travis is the most optimistic and positive person I've ever met.

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Jones said it hasn't turned women off to find out he lives in Turner because "they don't know where Turner is at.""You've got to find the ones who don't like city life," he said.

Jones's mother, Edith Jones, said the family discussed the pros and cons of living in this rural area when Jones decided to move back to Turner."He said he understood that there weren't many single, young people," she said.

For their first date, Mary drove 15 hours to Sand Springs, which is 32 miles west of Jordan and nearly 100 miles east of Lewistown."I drove through it without even slowing down as I didn't realize it was actually the town. "We spent 12 hours cutting hay."Travis said he "didn't honestly believe she would come."A mutual friend recommended the two get together, but Travis figured no way, once she saw where Sand Springs was, would Mary come. Kimber's Border Bar is the gathering place, but "everyone who lives up here is married," Jones said.

But she did."When Travis came to visit me, he drove 15 hours in the middle of the night after working all day. When she marveled that he would come so far, Travis said that she had driven just as far to see him."I thought, I must have been pretty crazy or desperate, but really I'm neither so I have no idea why I did it," she said. "You know who is available, and there isn't anybody, so you have to look in other places.

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It's hard to meet people once you're past the college stage."Edith met her husband when he was working on a ranch in the Ruby River Valley near Sheridan, east of Dillon."I love rural living, but when we went to Turner, the farthest north I had been was Great Falls.

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