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And just to make Allison’s death even more heartbreaking, she took her final breath in Scott’s arms.

(That said, I would have been A-OK if the twins had ended up six feet under.

) ALLISAAC, ONE LAST TIME | Before her untimely death, Allison had an uncomfortable — albeit strangely adorable — conversation with Isaac about whether or not he was actually himself when they had sex two nights prior.

It was a sweet moment for the couple, made especially bittersweet knowing it was basically their last.

Official Photos IMDB (2014-) Role: Diane Nguyen / Olivia / Vincent Adultman Status: Season 4 Release: 2014-present Meet the most beloved sitcom horse of the '90s - 20 years later.

The inherent problem with streaming services like Amazon and Netflix is the immediacy and availability of their output.

And on that note I think I’ll leave this life update here.

So in case you aren’t a vlog watch-er, let me catch you up on this month so far…

Firstly, my birthday is now well over and done with and I’m having to think about taking my decorations down *sad face*.

Sometimes when bloggers don’t writing anything personal for a while it’s for a reason – I feel like chatting dining tables should be avoided at all costs but there you go!

If you want to do your project all by yourself, we can respect that.


A two-hour film might have eliminated some of the less dynamic scenes and superfluous-but-entertaining tangents in which the show indulges.