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Grand rapid dating

After explaining how the rocks of the Grand Canyon were formed, Austin then presents his theory for how these rocks were eroded to create the canyon itself.Austin believes that a catastrophic flood originated north of the present canyon and rapidly carved the canyon in a relatively small amount of time.In supporting his theory, Austin tries to discredit evidence used by those with opposing views.One way he does this is by pointing out the discrepancies in Radiometric dating, specifically of Grand Canyon rocks.

The fourth division contains evidence of erosion and deposition, which Austin attributes to the final stages of the Flood as the waters were receding.

His most noted example is that of the Missoula Flood in western Montana, Idaho, and eastern Washington.

Lake Missoula was a large lake located in western Montana held back by a glacial dam.

Austin addresses the question of how this might occur by introducing the breached dam theory.

Austin states "Of various catastrophic flood models which can be proposed, the most fascinating is the theory of the catastrophic drainage of lakes" (Austin 19).

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This fits into the larger field of Creation Science, in which people try to prove with scientific evidence that the world is only 6,000 years old. Austin's claims and delve into the evidence he uses to support them by examining his book. Austin supports his claim with theories of rapid erosion and Flood deposition of fossils.