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Ginuwine dating somaya reece

By sharing my story I hope to inspire and motivate others.

As a young teenager and all the way into my adult hood I have suffered extreme eating disorders ranging from body dysmorphia, anorexia nervosa and bulimia.At my smallest point I was a petite size 0 weighing less than 100 pounds. The lifestyle in New York was not as active as my lifestyle in L. The traumatizing effects of the psychological manipulation that took place lead me into a deep depression filled with nightly – night terrors, severe anxiety, a broken spirit and mental trauma. My road to weight loss began when I made that firm decision to remove myself from that negative environment along with something I would have never believed would help me.Just when I thought I was doing better with my weight issues, my spirit was bright again, I was in the gym, I was doing all the right things. A where I often hike or jump into my car and drive to the gym. Through my own personal strength and holding my faith close. For many years I suffered with extreme back pain, painful bruising on my shoulders around my bra strap area due to my large breasts.I was at a point where I was not eating anything, eating too much, taking up to 20 laxatives, and trying every starvation diet you can think of. I had moved from Los Angeles to New York to work on music and an album.It was a yo yo of weight loss and weight gain over the coarse of many many years. Immediately after landing in New York I booked my first job, to star in a television show.

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My psychological trauma that began my eating disorders came right back around. Not knowing anyone in combination with being in work environments that was filled with extreme negativity, hostility, and verbal abusive. I went for a doctors consultation regarding getting a breast reduction.

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