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Ghanain dating

There is a great variety to the architecture of London, although most buildings in the centre of the city were constructed after the Great Fire of 1666.

Among the cities many iconic buildings are Buckingham Palace, St Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Elizabeth Tower which houses Big Ben.

London (including Inner London and Outer London) is in the South East of England.

It has a population of around 8,170,000 and covers approximately 157,000 hectares.

The capital is a global leader in areas such as finance, fashion, the arts, education and media and has long attracted people looking for success in their chosen field.

Over the centuries some of them have dropped or thrown artefacts into the River Thames and some have since been found on its banks, including coins, pottery, jewellery and glass.

(Born 1926 in Wandsworth in London), Pottery and ceramics, Painting Derek Davis developed his ceramics, coming up with several innovative techniques.

In 1994 he had an eye operation which afterwards left him unable to work with the pottery kiln, which was when he then started to focus on his painting.

(Born 1931 in Norwood in London), Art Bridget Riley is a British artist who was born in Norwood, London.

Works of literature created by writers such as Samuel Pepys and Charles Dickens have been set in London and many television programmes and movies have been filmed in the city.

Those wanting to experience something of Tudor England, can travel out to the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, to visit Hampton Court Palace which was built during the 16th century and became a Royal residence of among others Henry VIII and Charles I.

There is evidence of human occupation in the area dating back over six thousand years.

However the first recorded major settlement was Londinium which was built by the Romans, destroyed by Celtic Queen Boudicea and the Iceni tribe and rebuilt to became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia.

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Visitors to the Museum of London can see exhibits which tell the story of the development of London from prehistory through to the modern day.