George clooney julianna margulies dating

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Greene is ultimately happy for Ross, but Weaver is aghast and campaigns against his new position.He resigns in the aftermath of a scandal in which he shows a mother how to bypass the lockouts on a Dilaudid PCA, enabling her to give a lethal dose of medication to her terminally ill son.

Ray owns a ritzy hotel in Chicago, and Doug lets his guard down a little but is disappointed when his father offers to take him to a Chicago Bulls game and then stands him up.

The original version of "Such Sweet Sorrow" that Warner Bros.

sent to NBC ended after the scene where we see Hathaway on the plane to Seattle. messengered an "edited" version of the episode to NBC headquarters in New York for broadcast.

He has always been committed to medicine and children and to helping no matter the rules or the consequences.

During Season 2, Doug rescued a boy trapped in a flooding storm drain during a rainstorm.

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In another episode, he tries to do an ultra-rapid detox on a drug-addicted baby without the mother's consent.