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Although water is a renewable resource, yet its availability is extremely low and to the society.In the situation, there is a tremendous pressure on the existing water resources due to an increase in population, and the rising living standards of the civil society (FAO, 1997; FAO, 2009).The climatic conditions pose a continual challenge, as does the depletion of underground water resources.Due to an acute deficit, water has always been an extremely valuable resource and occupies the prominent and prime position among the natural resources of the kingdom.23 870 tonnes of total aquacultured production for the Kingdom was recorded in 2014 wherein the share of shrimp, freshwater fish and marine fish were 54.38 percent, 20.23 percent and 25.38 percent respectively.

It is also characterized by low annual rainfall and lacks perennial rivers or permanent bodies of water.

Principled aquaculture amongst farmers thus began during the early 1980s when some farmers started culturing tilapia in freshwater bodies in inland areas.

Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) has been the major fish produced in aquaculture until 2000 when shrimp began to be produced in large quantities.

The Ministry of Agriculture strongly supports and encourages investment by facilitating the acquisition of project land and water under concession, as well as providing favourable loans.

Experimental and show-case aquaculture projects have been established by the authorities to encourage local and foreign investments.

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