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That said, history still hold a few examples of prosthetic weaponry such as captain hook (hooks seem to be the go to for evil men with one hand) or men that have used their prosthetic leg to hide embedded guns.Androids are almost an entirely different monster, despite the natural tendency to imagine them together."Show it off" is an adult social network site for exhibitionists, voyeurists, nudists, swingers and any people who are open-minded about sex and sexuality. We have a friendly adult community of people here whom you can chat about sex with, discuss sex-related topics in forum, talk about human sexuality, have mature conversations, read and write blogs about sexual experiences, privately exchange your nude photos and videos and indeed your thoughts.

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up As the title suggests, I'd like more insight into what a futuristic society would prefer for warfare.

From a mechanical stand point there is really no reason to construct the two the same way as cyborgs are limited by the human form and the need to interface with the brain.

The closest contemporary to an android would actually be military drones or self-driving cars.

At least, not without several hours to compile all the available information, but often these decisions have to be made in seconds. Some in-between alternatives to either full android and full cyborg might be the use of organic computers/human brains to get over the artificial intelligence hurdle.

This would require some handwavium since both are only theoretical technologies.

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A few examples in popular media of this might be Master Chief and Cortana, or Iron Man and Jarvis.