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So before you start brewing your own fuels try retarding your ignition timing a little and winding your jets down a little to make a slightly rich mixture when compared to the settings written in the manual!

I have played around with my SUs but could never get the old cast iron lump to run sweetly throughout the rev range.

Once upon a time petrol was petrol and then some smart spark found that increasing compression ratios increased performance but that lead to pre-ignition or knocking or pinging.

Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned, Rich Hello again, it’s Richard here with a remapping story. I always thought that remapping was when you go into the newsagent and buy the latest Gregory’s street directory.So jump forward into the 1960s and some health professionals found that people who lived on busy roads were suffering from lead poisoning. It was well known that petrol was not particularly nice stuff, think fire, and when I was a youngster washing up parts in petrol was the norm, you just sloshed it all about.While it wasn’t a good idea then, it’s worse now with modern fuels containing benzene which is a known carcinogen.I had to be like the Incredible Hulk to lift the damn thing. I never fancied General Lee, the orange ’69 Dodge Charger that those Duke boys used to drive around and around whatever tree it was. A primrose roadster features near the beginning and the end of the film but I had to watch it all the way through just in case I missed something and I didn’t miss a thing!Nor did I care for the yellow Chevrolet C-2500, Crew Cab Silverado, in Kill Bill called the ‘Pussy Wagon’. The ‘68 Mustang GT 390 in Bullitt that Steve Mc Queen drove was pretty good though. It takes be back to my teenage years when I went to some of those works buck’s nights Have you seen these films ‘La moglie del prete’, ‘Big Zapper’, ‘Chérif’ or ‘Prudence and the Pill’?

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