Excel values not updating

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New map charts You can create a map chart to compare values and show categories across geographical regions.

Use it when you have geographical regions in your data, like countries/regions, states, counties or postal codes. New icons available on the Insert tab Need to insert an icon that conveys a certain idea or concept, but you don't want to draw it yourself? Choose a category like people, technology, or sports.

Use your digital pen to select and change objects In Excel, with a digital pen, you can select an area without even tapping the selection tool on the ribbon.

Just press the barrel button on the pen and draw with the pen to make a selection.

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JOIN US TODAY See what's new and improved in the February 2017 feature update, Version 1702 (Build 7870.2020). Easier background removal We've made it easier to remove and edit the background of a picture.

Bring on those complex workbooks with multiple sheets.

You and your colleagues can open and work on the same Excel workbook. When you co-author, you can see each other's changes quickly — in a matter of seconds.

Scalable Vector Graphics Now you can insert and work with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. New Ink Replay button Using ink in your spreadsheets? Someone shared a One Drive file with you, but you can't find the email message that has the link. With this update, you can click File Shared with Me.

The next time you create a Pivot Table, you will start with that layout.

LEARN MORE: SET PIVOTTABLE DEFAULT LAYOUT OPTION | CREATE AND FORMAT PIVOTTABLES WITH FREE TRAINING FROM LINKEDIN LEARNING Insert recent links Easily attach hyperlinks to recent cloud-based files or websites, and create meaningful display names for people using screen readers.

LEARN MORE Personalize the default Pivot Table layout Set up a Pivot Table the way you like.

Choose how you want to display subtotals, grand totals, and the report layout, then save it as your default.

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Excel automatically detects the general background area, so you no longer need to draw a rectangle around the foreground of your picture.

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