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Error before updating scaffolding from new db

Stabs, cuts, amputations Striking against or struck by objects (bone fracture, bruises) Stepping on objects Being caught in or between objects, including crushing and tearing accidents Pressure vessels, vacuum vessels (bursting, mechanical explosions or implosions) Burns and scalds (by hot or cold fluids or surfaces) Penetration of foreign particles into eyes Swallowing of bulky or sharp-edged non-poisonous solids Drowning Acute injuries caused by animals (e.g., bites, scratches, kicks, squeezing and trampling, stings, rammings, etc.) Overexertion or overstrenuous movements Chemical accidents All acute injuries and effects related to accidental release, spillage, inhalation, swallowing of, or contact with, chemical agents (except fire or explosions) Electrical accidents All injuries and effects related to electric current and static electricity Fires and chemical explosions Radiation accidents Injuries involving accidental exposure to high doses of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, including laser beams and strong light, UV, etc.Ionizing radiation (including, e.g., x rays, alpha-, beta- and gamma radiation, neutron and particle beams, radon, etc.) Non-ionizing radiation (including the whole spectrum of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation, e.g., visible light, UV and IR, laser beams, RF, MW, etc.); electric and magnetic fields Vibration (affecting whole body; vibration-related hazards affecting specific organs appear under Ergonomic and social factors) Noise (including also ultra- and infrasound) Exposure to weather, extreme heat or cold, reduced or increased barometric pressure (including heat stroke, sun stroke, heat stress, cold stress, frostbite, etc.) * Hazards related to non-accidental exposure to chemicals Direct/immediate effects: Irritation of mucous membranes, eyes and respiratory system Effects on the nervous system (headaches, reduced alertness, intoxication, etc.) Gastrointestinal disturbances Skin effects (itching, erythema, blistering, etc.) Effects of routine exposure on ultrasensitive persons; effect of combination of routine factors, e.g., non-accidental formation of phosgene when smoking in presence of organochlorine compounds Asphyxia Delayed, chronic or long-term effects: Chronic systemic poisoning Other systemic effects (e.g., hematopoietic, on the gastro-intestinal, urogenital nervous systems, etc.) Skin effects (dermatoses, skin sensitization and allergies, etc.) Eye effects (cataracts, impaired vision, corrosive damage, etc.) Inhalation effects (lung oedema, chemical pneumonitis, pneumoconiosis, asthmatic reactions, etc.) Ingestion effects (sore throat, abdominal pain and/or cramps, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, reduced consciousness, coma, etc.) Chemical allergies not included above Effects on reproductive system, pregnancy (spontaneous abortion, embryo- and foetotoxicity), birth defects Carcinogenesis and mutagenesis Microorganisms and their toxic products Poisonous and allergenic plants Exposure to animals which can lead to diseases and allergies (from hair, furs, etc.) Hazards related to working postures, man-machine interactions, lifting, mental or physical stress, nuisance and discomfort (e.g., sick building syndrome, poor illumination, air pollution from sources not related to workplace, human relations, violence, biorhythms, bad smells, vibration affecting specific body organ, e.g., carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) Special alerts Statistical data (e.g., increased risk of ...; excess mortality..., etc.) Synergistic effects Special circumstances or combinations of factors Any important relevant information not included elsewhere List of chemicals, etc.Synonyms: Ambulance driver (government services); Red Cross (or similar organization) ambulance driver Drives ambulance to transport sick, injured or convalescent persons. May report facts concerning accident or emergency to hospital personnel or law enforcement officials (DOT).Places patients on stretcher and loads stretcher into ambulance, usually with help of ambulance attendant (medical services). Also: a person who drives a medical emergency vehicle, ambulance or hospital services (civil or military) vehicle; may assist in delivering babies inside the ambulance.From this point of view, the selection was based on two main criteria: broad diversity of selected occupations with regard to the types of activities involved and their relative risk and the cross-boundary character of each occupation, i.e. A consistent conceptual and procedural framework has been elaborated and used in the preparation of the datasheets.It is organized around a checklist, or matrix, serving as a guideline for a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the hazards existing in a given occupation.

Another important consideration is the use of standard phrases and expressions across the whole range of occupations, the advantage being an instant recognition of similar hazards present in different occupations.Back pains and other musculoskeletal problems resulting from overexertion and wrong postures during lifting and otherwise moving of patients, driving over bumpy roads, repairing vehicles on road, etc.; Psychological stress due to dangerous driving under time pressure, contact with accident victims, terminal patients and dead bodies, unusual working schedules, prolonged states of alertness, etc. Examines animals for signs of illness and treats them according to instructions. Adjusts controls to regulate temperature and humidity of animals quarters.International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS). Records information according to instructions, such as genealogy, diet, weight, medications, food intake and licence number.Some definitions quoted from DOT contain abbreviated designations of different industries, according to the Industry Index (DOT, Vol. Professional and kindred occupations (Occupations requiring extensive study or experience in professions, technical services, sciences, art, and related types of work) are designated Profess.& kin.; occupations that are not elsewhere classified are designated n.e.c.; most of the other abbreviations are self-explanatory.

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The experience gained during the above work gave rise to the idea of starting a project of International Safety Datasheets on Occupations that has been subsequently endorsed by the ILOs International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS) and is currently in progress.

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