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Eight stages of dating oatmeal

What is the evolutionary pathway leading to hexaploid oat?

These questions are not only interesting for evolutionary research, but also are relevant to germplasm conservation and utilization in plant breeding.

It was optimized for specific oat species and extensively tested before its application for this study.

All steps of the plastid DNA isolation were carried out on ice or at 4 °C with buffers pre-chilled to 4 °C.

It also is an interesting model for evolutionary research on the evolution of polyploids.

Ground samples, while still frozen, were transferred to 50 ml conical bottom centrifuge tubes, cooled on dry ice, and then stored at −80 °C for up to one week..

Cultivated hexaploid oat has three different sets of nuclear genomes (A, C, D), but its evolutionary history remains elusive. Which diploid species are the genome donors for oat polyploidization?

A multiplexed shotgun sequencing procedure was explored to acquire maternal phylogenetic signals from chloroplast and mitochondria genomes of 25 Avena species. Which tetraploid species are the genome donors for hexaploid oats?

Phylogenetic analyses of the acquired organelle SNP data revealed a new maternal pathway towards hexaploids of oat genome evolution involving three diploid species (A. When and how frequent did the tetraploidization and hexaploidization events occur?

The genus Avena contains up to 30 recognized species in a series of ploidy levels that includes diploids, tetraploids, and hexaploids.

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The supernatant was poured off and the resulting pellet was resuspended in 1.5 ml of Wash Buffer, transferred to a 2 ml centrifuge tube, and centrifuged at 380 × g for 5 min in a bench top microcentrifuge to pellet chloroplasts.