Dusty springfield dating game

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Dusty springfield dating game

In these never-before-seen photographs, Miss Springfield, who came out as bisexual in 1972, exchanged vows with a little-known American actress, Teda Bracci, in front of a select gathering of friends.While the rest of the party - all former inhabitants of the notorious Los Angeles rehab centre Friendly House - were robustly attired in an assortment of trouser suits and padded jackets, Miss Springfield opted for a more feminine outfit.She’s thirty and hasn’t really had a big hit record for some quite considerable time. Pop does have an awful lot of obsolescence hanging over it.

Their tempestuous relationship began in 1982 when they met at an Alcoholics-Anonymous meeting, held at the Friendly House.Feeling hounded by the British press, she left for the US.For 15 years she didn’t have another hit, and her romantic life was incredibly turbulent.In April 1983, they moved in together and seven months later announced they were getting ' married' - although the union would not be legally recognised under Californian laws.The couple frequently clashed and during one particularly heated argument, Miss Bracci - known as 'Ted' - hit her lover in the face with a saucepan, smashing her mouth and knocking out her teeth.

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Dusty Springfield looks as though she’s playing at doctor-during-consulting-hours sitting in a white walled room at Philips Records, meeting the all and sundry members of the musical press.

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