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No one says, “Hey, I can’t wait to go to the store to buy soap.” These types of purchases may very well be automated, and Amazon is currently leading the way.

When it comes to higher end products—clothing, furniture—in-store assessment is still very much a prerequisite to a purchase.

It is going to be unprecedented in terms of what changes it will bring.

In terms of transformative technology, I see it as second only to the creation of the internet. Every major company right now—Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel—is putting massive amounts of money into AI because it will be a massive differentiator for them.

Drones will use AI to deliver products more intelligently. But today the technology changes faster and people always want that new set of capabilities. IR: Will artificial intelligence be built into the core of these new products?

Trucks will use AI to self-drive and deliver products. DE: AI is going to infiltrate all connected devices.

The internet of things, or Io T, is the technology of today.

The internet of intelligent things is the technology of tomorrow. Evans is the Silicon Valley executive who coined the term “internet of everything” in 2012 near the end of his 24-year tenure at Cisco Systems Inc., which uses the phrase to refer to the long-term potential of the data derived from our highly connected world.

[Editor’s note: Amazon Go is a high-tech grocery store that eliminates the checkout lane.] If successful, it could transform retail.

Simply put: As people add more “smart” devices to their lives, managing those devices gets complicated.

There isn’t yet a universally agreed upon protocol for manufacturers making web-connected devices, and most devices are controlled individually through their own apps.

Retail competitors need to continue to up their game however, and competing on price alone is not sufficient.

Great in-store experiences, value-added services and excellent customer service need to be differentiators.

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Juicero is a connected juicer that has a camera in it.

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