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Dating the veda

If Vedas existed since the beginning then how can Veda Vyasa or for that matter any seers write them?Here in this article we try to unravel this mystery about the vedas and try to obtain a picture as clear as possible. “They were perhaps whispers of God, or maybe insights of the wise. These chants relieved Vedana, the yearning of the restless human soul, hence became collectively known as the Veda.As a result of this severe drought which made people more occupied in trying to find a living and find food, most of the ancient vedic hymns of knowledge and wisdom started getting erased from the memories of the Saraswati civilization.

As the follicle matures, estrogen affects the development of a woman’s body and maturing egg.Vedas can answer these questions, along with the answers related to the purpose of the very creation of this universe.Modern Science is Knowledge, but Vedas are Knowledge Wisdom.The way Einstein and Planck REALIZED the laws of Physics, the ancient Rishis realized the divine nature of this universe and the resultant wisdom and wrote it down in the form of hymns.Einstein or Planck did not CREATE these laws, nor did the Rishis.

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Those who heard them first came to be known as the Rishis” - says Devdutt Patnaik in his book Jaya, An illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata While modern science tries to help us understand the universe from a materialistic perspective, Vedic texts help us understand the universe from a spiritual perspective.

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