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Dating service lava light

A third liquid of separation prevents the primary fluids from making actual physical contact, thus avoiding a chemical meltdown.

During the summer months the lamp heats up, becoming highly volatile.

Invented by Edward Craven Walker in 1963, the idea originated from a wartime egg timer, and progressed into the Pop classic, the Astro lamp.Persistent lamp watchers, far from being calmed, inevitably develop a glazed expression, a furrowed brow and a catalogue of psychological problems identified as the "Drumcree depression". Being the person who had to clean it up, I can say that the liquid is definitely not water (since I doubt water would have started to take the varnish off the floorboards), and smells strongly of alcohol. The thing which supposedly have lava resemblance looks more like floating human body part and pieces of flesh from horror movie. If the wax stays at the bottom when hot, add a little more salt, a little at a time, until the wax flows. My new one is far more securely placed - with Blu-tack under the base... Roger Moore's supposition is incorrect so Mr Lyle's daughter can sleep safely in her bed at night.Mathmos Lava-lamps do not pose a fire risk and, additionally, they are independently tested for electrical safety and all carry the CE mark.

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Does Dr Moore's welcome solution of the lava-lamp problem raise a question of safety?