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Dating police officer kelowna

The very gracious Mike and Cheryl have very busy lives. They have a wonderful morning routine (that we tried to stay out of). They have a visitor centre which has a 45-minute movie on the construction of the dam, which started in 1934. We wanted to take the tour, but it was full (only takes 7 people at a time. ), so we opted to walk and drive around to see the dam from various angles. We found some “cheap” diesel at a station not far away. Now I don’t want to brag, but I think the pit crews at the Indy 500 would be impressed with how quickly we can hook and unhook the car. Nothing like 18 wheelers passing by going 70 mph to motivate one to move! Overnight, we turned the generator and furnace off, and pulled out our big blanket for the night.In addition to the two of us “moving in” for a week, they have their daughter and 2 grand-daughters living with them. After-school, we enjoyed hearing from their granddaughters, ages 6 and 8, who were full of stories about their day (well at least one of them was full of stories. We drove to Home Depot and bought some wood, filled the holes made by our levelers with some gravel and built up the wood platforms they sit on. After supper, we watched a documentary on John Mc Afee, from cyber anti-virus fame. He is accused of a murder, and actually ran for president in 2016. We drove on to Grande Coulee, Washington where we will park for 2 days and recover from the last few days and weeks. 0After checking the weather throughout the evening and first thing in the morning, we knew the front was moving in faster than originally thought. We hit the road by and headed west, hoping to drive through it while it was still more rain than snow. 1Despite the temperature being 38F/4C degrees this morning, we were colder than yesterday.Saturday, we joined Jean’s friend/colleague Rob and his wife, Anna, for dinner in downtown Kelowna. Some of the pieces had been marked incorrectly, so we had to re-work them, we put some pieces up-side down, backwards, you name it. 0Tuesday, we spent 4 hours with our decorator, beginning to choose finishes for the house.They had spent the day looking at houses in the area. 0We spent the afternoon building picnic tables for the campground. After perfecting the first, we were a house on fire, completing the next 6 in 2 hours. We now have chosen our hardwood and tiles for the house.We have another meeting with a window vendor and need to make a decision on counter tops by early next week.Then on to plumbing, lighting, railings, and who knows what else! We then noticed our neighbors walking around holding their phones in the air looking for signal bars! It should be easier next time, now that the tall grass has been tackled.Unfortunately, our week has not been long enough to see everyone we wanted to see. He has lots of dogs, and the dogs and Dennis are quite friendly. We unhooked the car, and Jean wiggled us in and out of the station with inches to spare!We checked into our “lodging” at Mike and Cheryl’s house upon arrival Sunday afternoon, and our marathon week began. After a good clean up of the, and starting some laundry, we left to go visit the Grand Coulee Dam. It took 12 million cubic yards of concrete to build the dam and has 3 power plants. We stopped along the highway to hitch the car back onto the RV. Once we turned on the generator to warm up the RV and warmed our dinner, we hunkered down in the back with our heated blanket and watched a movie.

Walking very far was out of the question for a few days. All of the flowers and trees are in full bloom wherever we walk. We spent a couple of hours getting the pieces for 7 tables organized, legs put together, inserting bolts, etc. It then took us an over an hour to assemble the first table.

We are trying to avoid the spring storm that is coming our way, so added another 2 hours to our drive and headed to Billings, MT. The roads were quite good, but the wind is strong enough to push us around a bit, making us slow down even further, adding an extra hour to our drive today. Lots of small towns, and billboards, but little else to see on our drive. We can go about 62 mph in Matt without shaking everything loose. It is a 4-lane divided highway with minimal traffic, so we aren’t frustrating anyone. We looked out on huge ranches with cattle and fields waiting to be planted if spring ever comes, and endless sky. We stopped to stretch our legs at a rest stop at the edge of the Missouri River.

There were 2 beautiful sculptures overlooking the river.

0Sunday we were up early and on our way to Calgary.

We had a long list of appointments to attend to while there, as well as trying to re-connect with a few friends. 2We are staying at a laid-back campground run (and owned? He leaves the office door wide open, even when he isn’t there.

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Luckily, it warmed up into the 70's/20's for a few days as well.

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