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Dating latin links

Because we're not bound by the national curriculum any more, he's been able to drop things like history and geography, which he found boring.

Once they've learnt to read, write, and count, I think children should be able to concentrate on the subjects that interest them.

Philosophy is a subject that I certainly wouldn't make compulsory, most philosophers spout absolute drivel, and I wouldn't force any children to listen to their idiocies. I do agree that you learn stuff in school that you may not need later.

But it's always a big "may" who knows what occupation you may take up in the end.

As for homeschooling being illegal, I know from the tutor who teaches my son English at the group for homeschooled children that he attends that there are parents from countries where homeschooling is not allowed who have gone on the run with their children rather than subject them to the misery of attending schools that they hate.

Some of them have given up good jobs and are living in poverty simply in order to protect their children from the horrors they've experienced in schools.

Indeed I have heard about these people, however I don't have much sympathy for them.Of course there is lots of stuff I learned in school that I don't remember today or have to look up again but I think it's important to give children a a wide range of options once they are done with school.Interests change so much especially when you are young.I think children should be able to study the subjects that interest them.Since we had to take no.2 son away from his grammar school because he was having problems there, he's been educated privately by tutors.

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