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Dating hand tinted photographs

The surface sheen will likely be matte and will not exhibit surface gloss; its texture will be rough due to the absence of a binder layer.

If unmounted, the paper will be semi-translucent when viewed over a light source. The image will likely range from light brown to reddish brown (untoned) to purplish brown (toned).

Salted paper prints were the earliest positive print format and, until the 1850s, the primary positive process for contact-printing directly from paper negatives and glass negatives.

Exposure times ranged from a few minutes to a few hours, requiring that the image be visually inspected throughout the process to determine when the exposure was complete.

If the print is faded, the image may appear yellowish brown.

Salt prints are typically found mounted in albums or loose.

Cool storage (below 50 degrees) is recommended, and colder is better unless frequently used (frequent and sudden changes in temperature and relative humidity could result in physical stress to the object).

Allowable Fluctuation: ±5°F; ±5% RH Acid-free (p H 7.2–9.5) enclosures and/or folders strongly advised (ANSI IT9.2).

Photo emulsion, which is carried on a paper or plastic support, is composed of a light-sensitive image material (e.g. Photo prints may be full-color or monochrome, which means that the image is rendered using a single color (e.g. Monochrome prints are split into three categories: 1-layer (image material only), 2-layer (image material in a binder), or 3-layer (image material in a binder atop a baryta coating).

Position photo image material away from seams in paper enclosures.

Seams should be on the sides of the enclosure, not down its center.

silver particles) dispersed in a binder substance (e.g. A salt print is a single-layer print comprised of an uncoated paper support with a silver image deposited in the paper fibers.

A positive print is created by placing a negative in contact with the sensitized silver printing-out paper and exposing it to sunlight. Many silver salt print images appear to be embedded into the paper surface.

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