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The two-letter inscription "If there is not enough space for marking, then the special "small marks" should be applied.

In this period, WMF factory used in such cases the standard cutlery mark, namely, the "ostrich" image in rhombus.

A widespread mark, though it is rather difficult to find one in perfect condition.

The full mark uses numerous secondary markings, all are applied in a rectangular frame.

The two-letter inscription "MB" means a combined use of both brass (M) and Britannia metal (B) as base metals. The absence of any base metal designations means the use of brass as a base metal.

It consists of the one-word inscription "GEISLINGEN" of 6.6-6.7 mm length, made by a "sans serif" font and put in a rectangular frame. A full mark for this pattern includes a comma in the volume designation (cf. Besides, there is a rectangle with digits, which correspond to the amount of silver (in grams) used for plating.

The fraction "I/O" means the normal thickness of silver deposited on the surface of the base metal.

The size of the "I/O" box varies between 1.9 mm x 2.3 mm and 2.2 mm x 2.6 mm.

All inscriptions are made with a "sans serif" font.

In some cases, the dots inside the inscription and after it are also present. The length of "WMF" inscriptions varies in the range 3.1-4.0 mm. A full WMF mark image for the first group contains the volume designation in litres (1 litre corresponds to 1000 cm3).

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Such a way of marking allows the designation of the base metal used for silvering, i.e., brass, in German "Messing" ("M"), nickel silver, in German "Neusilber" ("N"), or tin-containing alloy, in German "Britannia metall" ("B"), respectively. The two-letter inscription "OX" ("oxydiert" in German, "oxidized" in English) means artificial darkening of the silver surface to a grey colour.

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