Dating craftsman knives

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If you have any proof on the subject, such as a written document, not an oral history, we would be mighty glad to hear from you!

Here is a photo copy of a stamped turned up in the Queen factory. We do not know if it was ever used but we doubt it.

So far we have not found any evidence that they were purchased by the government.

We all assume that the Bakelite pommel models were wartime issue but can we prove it not yet.

As many of you are aware the Red Cross knives of World War One are highly sought out collectors items of today. Instead of the folding knife with spoon idea of long ago today the Red Cross is adding a multi-tool to the parcels.Any machete collectors out there have one so marked? A recent solicitation for knife purchase by the government caught our eye.It was listed as a "Knife, Combat with Lanyard", something we had not seen before.The Mark 2 is listed as a "Knife, Combat with Sheath" so we were thinking it would be around that line of knife.Further investigation proves it to be a Life-Raft knife.

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Again we are looking for help on this one, What does a Mark 3 Life-Raft knife look like??

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