Dating courtship tips

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Dating courtship tips

You tell a woman that you like her and would like to court her.

Yes, you mention “courting,” and she will definitely swoon!

This would go on and on as they get to know each other—a process that could go on for months, even years.

Simply put, courting is a period in a relationship that precedes engagement and marriage.

In past years, hooking up and one-night stands are popular among those who want to fill a void with some limited intimacy and lots of sex.

Yet does that mean the art of courting women is dead? There are still a few gallant men, and, let’s just say, modest women out there who prefer to take things low and slow before they finally settle into a relationship.

So, what is courting and how can any guy who hasn’t done it ever court a girl?

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Essentially, courting is all about getting to know the person deeper and better.

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However, this is not to say people who date automatically drop their pants—but you get the drift.

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