Dating collection

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Dating collection

"I'd be calling up my girlfriends the next day being like, ' Sit down I have a story.'"She started writing about her dating life, which she turned into the poetry collection, Campbell recalled the first time she was asked to write about something erotic was in a class at the University of British Columbia, which she was taking for her MFA in creative writing."Richard Van Camp was hosting a class, and towards the end of the class he looked up …

and [was] like, ' I want you to write about the sacred orgasm,'" said Campbell."I think it's still taboo in a lot of places, if I was still up north I don't necessarily think I would be writing this, because I wouldn't be sleeping with people the way I am in the city," said Campbell who is from English River First Nation in Saskatchewan."In the north it's more isolated, you worry more about what people think, there's more religious influence …

“The effect is one of rich historical layering, with sensitive hanging and placement decisions inviting unusual comparisons between different forms and eras.

The bunker setting offers the perfect foil for the exhibits.

The collection brings together international contemporary art, Imperial Chinese lacquer and stone furniture, Chinese wood and stone Scholar Furniture from the Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty, from 200 BC to the 18th century, and Khmer sculptures from the 7th to the 13th century.

Fresh off a break-up, poet Tenille Campbell entered a world of online dating she was not familiar with.Stone, bronze, and wood Khmer sculptures from the 7th to 13th centuries came to life as their carefully carved figures were amplified by the imposing shadows they cast across the bare floor.Looking up at the lights, one could make out small stalagmites dripping down — a reminder of the space’s underground location.“ – Blouin Artinfo, “Höchst unterschiedliche Kunstwelten begegnen und ergänzen sich in wunderbarer Weise: an einer Wand ein Spiegelobjekt von Anish Kapoor, dann wieder kleinformatige Fotos von Nobuyoshi Araki.The monumentality and historical markings of the space live on, but the atmosphere is changed, by the lightest of touches, from one of wartime paranoia to one of peaceful contemplation.“ – Apollo Magazine, 28 April 2016 “The chicane at the entrance that once acted as a bomb shield is now a passage leading to a unique experience.Starting from the basement, one enters the Sound Room to a background of minimalist tones and silences created by American composer John Cage.

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The Feuerle Collection doesn’t grant admittance to children under 16 years of age. As one of China’s oldest traditions, dating back over 2,000 years, the practice of the art of incense is a spiritual discipline once reserved for scholars and high monks, Emperors and dignitaries of the court.