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Dating cast iron cookware

As Lodge continues to develop the core line of seasoned cast iron, the introduction of complementary lines of cookware has seen great success over the past 2 decades.Lodge’s diverse and colorful line of Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron has earned rave reviews from media and consumers since its inception in 2005, offering the performance of European brands at a much more affordable value.In 2016, Lodge has broken ground on two new expansions.The first is a new distribution center for increased efficiency and shipping.While many worthy competitors have fallen by the wayside, Lodge’s dedication to quality, technology, and employees have helped it not only survive but flourish.Even during the hard times of the 1930s, the Lodge family found ways to keep employees above water.With consumer demand exceeding foundry capacity, Lodge unveiled plans for a considerable expansion of their South Pittsburg plant in 2014.The addition of new melting systems, sand systems, an additional molding line, and expanded seasoning lines has nearly doubled our capacity to make cast iron in the US.

According to "The Book of Wagner & Griswold" (aka the "Red" book), this skillet has characteristics of those made between 19, as well as those circa 1925 - 1930s. One easy way to identify unmarked or private label Lodge iron is from the break in the heat ring found at the 12 o'clock position.

Lodge was overshadowed by its domestic competitors (namely Wagner and Griswold) until the 1960s.

Skillets are the workhorses of the kitchen, used morning, noon, and night to cook up everything from bacon and eggs to dirty rice.

We are very excited to be able to grow to new heights with our feet still firmly planted at home.

It is absolutely wonderful in quality and heavy in weight.

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Introduced in 2013, The Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel line features an assortment of skillets that are American-made and seasoned right at the Lodge foundry.