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WAX solves that through the use of pegged asset contracts.Say a seller wants to list item Z for 0 USD, but the value of WAX during that week is fluctuating 25% in either direction.

The concept of WAX pegged asset contracts is similar to how CS: GO gamers currently price the value of their items in relation to the price of CS: GO keys.WAX is a utility token that’s designed to make digital item trading easier and less expensive for both marketplaces and customers, particularly for small and cross-border transactions.There are five main reasons that WAX is superior to other tokens in the space: ATTN: Main token sale starts on 1st of November, 2017.And in case you’re wondering if OPSkins customers will be inclined to use WAX, know that OPSkins customers are already primed for using cryptocurrency.OPSkins has been accepting bitcoin for more than two years, and after they built their own bitcoin payment processing platform, OPSkins became one of the top five largest e-commerce sites globally for accepting bitcoin.

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