Dating and money problems

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Dating and money problems

So your honey might not be a profligate spender but a victim of the criminal cost of health care in America. What have you been doing to improve your credit score?Making this another one that you have to gather some information on. it happened, they’ll just know that it did, making things like getting credit cards, loans, and mortgages for the next several years tough.A lot of student loans have manageable interest rates.If the rates are high, the loan can be consolidated and refinanced through a company like So Fi to a more manageable level.Between 2007-2012, the Dark Ages in terms of home foreclosures, ten million Americans lost their homes.Foreclosure has many of the same repercussions as bankruptcy, it’s perhaps worse for a credit score though, sometimes dropping it 250-280 points.If you’re taking lunch to work to stay within your food budget and your partner is spending a day at Chipotle, you might feel like having a word and your words might not be spoken with your indoor voice.If you pay off your credit card balance every month and your partner pays only the minimum month after month and you lay awake nights calculating the amount of interest accumulating, the relationship might not be sustainable. If you knew that they were lying in order to keep up their irresponsible behavior, you should know just to walk. Or because they’re afraid of losing you if you knew how bad things What are they spending on?

But if they’re buying all this stuff on their ,000 a year salary, you might want to start asking questions.

About a million Americans file bankruptcy each year.

More than half of those are due to medical expenses.

No one has ever whispered sweet nothings on the topic of 401k’s but you might want to bring it up during a less amorous moment.

According to the Fed’s 2014 survey, 31% of non-retired Americans have retirement savings or pension.

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There is a vast difference between someone having a few thousand dollars in credit card debt because they were using credit to fund essentials during a spate of unemployment and someone with tens of thousands of debt racked up because they like to act like a baller and pay for expensive dinners for their friends a couple of times a month.

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