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The ambrotype process (patented by an American photographer, James Ambrose Cutting in 1854) was a particular variant of the process which used Canada balsam to seal the collodion plate to the cover glass. Glass negative They were made by taking a glass negative and backing it with black cloth, paint, or varnish to produce a positive image.Image Unlike daguerreotypes, collodion positives always appear as a positive image, whatever angle you view them.From here he photographed tourists taking in the view, without their knowledge, from the 1850s to the 1870s.

The photographic process makes the photographs appear to float.When the collodion positive was held to the light without the backing material, the image still looked like a negative, though paler than the standard required to make a satisfactory positive print.The dark backing material could be a velvet pad held inside a presentation case, or a simple coating of black varnish for those made in lower-class studios and temporary booths erected at holiday resorts.The sign on the cart reads: ‘Hygienic Bakery, Confectioners Co. The subject matter, the ready-made metal mount and style of case suggest that image was taken by an itinerant or non-studio-based photographer.The entire family appear to be rather bewildered by the process of having their photograph taken.

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Otherwise, the surface of the finished plate was coated with clear varnish and it was protected under a ‘cover-glass’.