Dating affiliate ebook pdf

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Dating affiliate ebook pdf

These pages MUST target your audience and solve their specific problem. Click here to download the checklist of traits of top earning affiliate programs . No matter how good the product is or how much you like it and no matter how much you’ve read about “pre-selling” and warming your visitor up to purchase you will not make ANY or HARDLY ANY SALES if the landing page you send them to sucks! AND it won’t even matter much if you run an authority site with one central focus on a specific problem.If the affiliate program’s marketing sucks so will the sales.That one post outsells the other products combined about 5 to 1.Most of that has to do with the marketing of the higher selling product and reputation of its creator.The products or the affiliate program’s marketing efforts determine most of your success.Your goal is to get your visitors to click the link which lands on the affiliates’ high quality sales pages or videos. Choose top earning affiliate programs and products first.After you start referencing this list you will begin to eliminate some affiliate products that you’d normally have chosen in the past.In other words, if your main purpose of creating your own blog is to make money, specifically with affiliate marketing, then you should first find top earning affiliate programs and products.

an Absolute, Non-Negotiable Must) Top earning affiliate programs tend to use landing pages with well-written sales copy aimed at touching sensitive feelings.So this list pertains more to bloggers who also focus on SEO and/or have an email list of subscribers.And again, you don’t need loads of traffic to your blog to start making passive money online.If your visitor must wait to play with or use the product then probability decreases that they will buy it without delaying the purchase in that moment.That’s one of the reasons I recommend promoting digital affiliate products that offer instant downloads or instant access to a membership site or even both. Your visitor pays every month and you get paid every month.

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The one exception is links to specific affiliate product pages placed on your blog post, email or free opt-in lead magnet in which you highly recommend out of your own enjoyment of using it.

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