Dating a very busy man Pinkcam web chat free

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Dating a very busy man

I have tried to be really understanding about this transition for him and make an effort to let him have space when he needs it, support when he needs it and just fall asleep next to me when he needs it.

The thing that ends up being sacrificed is communication.

I want to be more understanding of his circumstances but I also want to be in a healthy comfortable “emotionally safe” relationship.

I thought that is what I was getting myself into because that is how things were before.

I am facing some issues that seem to all come down to a lack of communication.

I am feeling like I have to compromise a lot for this relationship which I don’t mind but when an issues comes up that makes me feel unappreciated and then I can’t even talk about it with him, I feel terrible.

Can you put yourself ahead into the future and remember how you were together – when he had the bandwidth?

This doesn’t sound like a case of a guy who’s just not being very respectful.

This is a case of a guy who’s overwhelmed and has little bandwidth to tend to his relationship.

You can choose what you want here – you can stick it out and try to be as understanding as you can be or decide it just doesn’t feel good.

For example, we had planned to spend his one day off together but that morning he realized he had to do a bunch of things, needed to meet a friend and needed some time for himself b/c he was feeling overwhelmed so he suggested we just meet up later for dinner.

That was my day off as well and instead of planning a fun trip with friends or going on a hike I had saved it for him.

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