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She was in an affair with Takashi Asano up until graduation in March 1999.

Nana begun attending Naruse Art School with her best friend, Junko Saotome in April, and started dating Shoji Endo in November.

Nana was devastated by the break-up, having truly believed that they were in love.

She graduated from high school shortly after in March 1999.

Her affair with Takashi Asano, an older, married man from Tokyo, was a mere fling, but she believed it was her first love.

Nana's first serious relationship was with Shoji Endo, whom she met at the art school through her high school friend Junko.

She moved into Apartment 707 with Osaki and started working at Sabrina.

Komatsu found herself caught between two men: Takumi Ichinose, the leader and bassist of Trapnest, and Nobu, the guitarist of Blast (Osaki's band).

Nana had always been a Trapnest fan and admired Takumi from afar.

After learning of Osaki's breakup with Ren Honjo, she helps the two to reconnect after realizing that they were still very much in love with each other.

In the early stages of the manga, Nana fell in love with many men at first sight.

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"Surrounded by mountains my home town is neither big nor little.

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