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Daniel craig and sienna miller dating

Miss Miller was also asked about suggestions that Mr Evans had intercepted a voicemail she had left for Kelly Hoppen, the interior designer and her former step-mother, in which she had been crying. I think I was crying a lot at the time.” Miss Miller was asked about her dealings with a News of the World’s journalist with whom she denied speaking about her relationship with Mr Law.

She said that an article shown to the jury had been written following an off-the-record conversation when she pleaded with the reporter to “lay off” her boyfriend.

“Since we became friends in 2003 I always ended my phone calls with 'I love you’, as I did with all my friends and family.” Under cross-examination from Timothy Langdale QC, who is representing Andy Coulson, the former News of the World editor, Miss Miller insisted that her and Mr Craig had been friends rather than lovers.

But she admitted that they had been in a relationship while she was seeing Mr Law.

I regret it’s allowed to be analyzed the way it has.”Additionally, per Reuters: films, described Craig as her best friend but later said: ”Whether or not I was in a relationship with Daniel Craig at the time, it was a very brief encounter.” [...] “People who heard who didn’t understand the relationship would have thought it was a pretty exciting message to hear,” said Miller, who has been filming in New Orleans.

The actress told a court today that she had a 'brief encounter' with her friend and co-star Mr Craig, but added that she often said 'I love you' at the end of phone conversations with friends or family.

The PR asked the journalist to “back-date” the affair so it would appear that Miss Miller cheated on Mr Law before he had his fling with the nanny. Mr Coulson, 46, and six other defendants, deny a range of charges.

phone-hacking trial stumbled into some salacious territory when discussing a purported 2005 love triangle between Jude Law, Sienna Miller, and Daniel Craig.

The tabloid paid the driver £6,000 and a journalist met Mr Law’s publicist to discuss how the affair would be reported.

But the actress said that was the way she signed off all her phone calls to friends.

She told the court: “I think the thing that is being slightly misconstrued about this voicemail message was that I said 'I love you’ and that this was some incredibly important declaration of love.

He was my best friend and so me saying, 'I love you’, whether anything romantic had happened or not, that was the way I communicated with him, whether Jude was present or not.” She added: “It’s been made into this titillating piece of information.” Miss Miller said that the period to which the message related was a time when she and Mr Law had been having relationship problems after it was disclosed that he had been cheating on her with his children’s nanny.

She told the court that Mr Craig, who at the time was dating Satsuki Mitchell, the American film producer, was someone she had “leaned on for support”.

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And today, Miller was called to testify about the complicated romance in London. “The thing that’s been slightly misconstrued about this voicemail message is the fact that I said ’I love you’ and that this was some incredibly important declaration of love.” She explained, “That’s how I would have ended my phonecalls to [Craig].