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It's been four years and I don't have access to the code or the testset (work for a customer), sorry.

It would have been nice to have that bit open sourced though, jvde if you are reading this, hint!

Any validation pattern that caters for the user should be trying to catch instances where the user has entered their address incorrectly.

It also does just-in-time decoding, and decodes only the properties you access.

This is much more efficient if you only need a header or two to reject spam quickly as part of a front line defense.

You can use a distance algorithm (eg soundex) to check against a list of known TLDs and warn the user to check their address if it's close to a known TLD but not an exact match.

Anything that's not close to a known value should result in a different warning.

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As far as your service is concerned a 'correct' email address is anything that looks a bit like an email address.

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