Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one

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Consolidating multiple spreadsheets into one

World-wide, companies are looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.To lead today's organization in this complex economic environment, management needs to know what has happened in the past, what is happening now and what effect they have in managing overall performance and quality.When discussing the Excel Consolidate feature, we pointed out that it cannot combine sheets by simply copying their data.Right, the build-in Excel consolidation option cannot do this, but Ablebits Consolidate Worksheet Wizard can :) Supposing you have a few spreadsheets which contain some information about different products, and now you need to merge these sheets into one summary worksheet, like this: Assuming that you have the Consolidate Worksheets Wizard installed, the following five simple steps is all it takes to merge Excel sheets into one.

For the wizard to identify the columns correctly, make sure you have selected the option My tables have headers.To combine just a couple of sheets, you may not need anything else but the good old copy/paste.But if you are to merge tens of sheets, errors with manual copying/pasting are inevitable.Statit has consistently heard from customers that they are realizing a number of benefits including, accessibility; automation, analytics, etc.Data Access - organizations employ many disparate data sources.

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