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Child custody dating rehab

Seemingly, when the father of the children at one time suffered from dependency issues, the courts never forget it.

On the hand, the woman in the case (be it the ex-wife or even the ex-girlfriend) gets a pass. Men are suspect by the system anyway, and my focus is for the limited purpose of painting men in somewhat sympathetic or congenial tone.

If the parents have joint custody--that is, if they both care for the child and make decisions regarding the child's welfare--the court may modify its order and give the parent without a drug problem sole custody.

Thus, courts often look at parents’ substance abuse histories when making a custody determination.As a result, a parent's history of drug abuse may affect the initial custody determination.After the court establishes a custody arrangement, a judge may modify this agreement if he learns one of the child's parents is abusing drugs.If parents cannot resolve their disagreements, the court may step in and make a custody determination for them.When making a custody ruling, most courts look at what arrangement is in the best interests of the child.

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When the ex-wife or ex-girlfriend moves the court for a hair follicle test, it is a good idea, depending upon your drug of choice, to buy some time.