Cheeked dating

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Cheeked dating

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Either pay to for a stack of flirty Cheek’d cards you hand out to strangers, plus .95 a month for a membership, or download the app for free and pass out virtual ice-breaking cards to nearby strangers. Cheek says she found a fiancé using her own product, but Cheek’d was still rejected by all five sharks. I knew what was going to happen because I was there, but I didn’t remember it was that bad. [The sharks] would never even need anything like this.

It’s called Cheek’d, and I’d categorize it as a place where business cards meets picking up prospective boyfriends/girlfriends/one-night stands.

Here’s how it works: you go over to the Cheek’d website, at which point you take a couple minutes to fill out a profile.

filming you’ve sort of started over — you’ve redesigned the site and launched a new mobile app. I remember after it had gone so badly, I walked out and I’m like, this has got to get on television. I kept saying, “Do you think it was bad enough that I’ll get on?

If Cheek’d was barely surviving at the time of filming, how is it still alive now? ” I just want to tell people about what I’m trying to build…… This is going to be life-altering in one way or another.

I grilled the founders yesterday at the NY Tech Day because, upon first impression, this sounds like one of the creepiest things ever.It forces real-life interaction, even if that interaction seems a bit awkward to me.You get the first month free, and can also get a free deck of five cards (shipping and handling not included.) Past that, you pay .95 for a monthly subscription (which basically means you pay /month to keep your profile live). I had been so cheeky with them when I was practicing, and it just went totally awry. I wrote the pitch and they fine-tuned it with me – you practice it with them.

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I really liked Mark [Cuban], and he was the first one that went out. With his personality, I thought he’d be a great partner for me.

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