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EA have generously provided a heap of cheats, some very useful and some merely humorous to ease these potential limitations.All traditional cheats in the game must be entered via the game's 'console' or command line.Use the terrain tools in Build Mode to change the elevation.

Replace on with off to disable whatever it is that this does. Fade Objects on makes objects fade when the camera zooms in near them.

SHIFT Clicking on the ground lets you:'Teleport', moving your Sim anywhere in the map.

Shift Click the ground to teleport your Sim once play is resumed (if paused)SHIFT Clicking on a Sim with testing Cheats Enabled true activated allows different options depending on whether they are part of your household, active, or just a random NPC.

It is also useful to see all of the possible jobs in the game.

VIDEOSome of the cheats effecting Sims available through the testingcheats option SHIFT Clicking on your Sim's workplace lets you:'Force opportunity', activating one of the random events to further your career.'Force event', initiating a chance to switch careers, and triggering positive and negative events during the working day which can help or hinder your occupation.'Force all events', as above but all at once!

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For example, you would enter the following where the family name is Martinez: Testing Cheats Enabled true [Enter]Family Funds Martinez 20000000 [Enter]VIDEOUsing the familyfunds cheat The upper limit on money is set at 999,999,999 Simoleons. You can alter the lives of your sims using certain cheats.

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