Cd singles dating service

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Cd singles dating service

But if improved recordings from the 60s are within your interest, it's unlikely you will ever hear them done better than this. For our DVD collectors: Note that since earlier this year, "Testimony", the documentary about pope John Paul II with titles music by Vangelis, has been available for online ordering, albeit only from within the United States or Canada.

Both CDs come with 16 page full colour booklets with extensive, well researched liner notes by Mark Powell. When asked about international ordering the people behind the site promised the movie would see a quick international release on DVD, but so far, this has yet to happen.

The music sounds fresher and can easily compete with music recorded 10 years later, fidelity wise. Among the material presented on his site are 8 unreleased tracks that the Forminx recorded for a never released movie called "Troubles".

There is of course a downside to this type of mastering. Listening to the music is free of charge, but a user registration on this website is required.

The DVD also includes a short movie called "Un Ete American", also directed by Henry Chapier but with no involvement by Vangelis.

After having been screened in a cinema, and then coming available for online viewing and a DVD-on-demand, Henry Chapier's Vangelis scored Sex Power movie is now available as a proper DVD release in France.

The larger programs, including Cousteau's Rio Earth Summit movie can be previewed for free, but need a purchase by credit card to be able to watch the entire show.

This update: December 12, 2008 With everyone eager to buy the "Swiadectwo" soundtrack CD, many have researched posibilities to best order this from outside Poland.

The shop listed in the previous update limits its orders to the Polish territory exclusively.

No doubt more material, beyond the listed links and the obvious search on "Vangelis" on this site will be of interest to us. Please feel free to e-mail links to anything you find to [email protected]

Anything of real interest will be presented in upcoming news updates on this site. Thanks to my anonymous source, as well as Robert Eichelsheim for their input and initial research.

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This Monday, Esoteric Recordings' remastered CD issues of "End of the World" and "It's Five O'Clock" will become available in the UK, marking the first time these albums are released in the United Kingdom and other big European markets. However, in an effort to score results, some labels started to actually improve on the existing masters' sound quality, reducing noise, correcting distortions, etc. Sadly, leaving your email address is required and this will be used for a steady stream of Greek language emails, so consider carefully if that is worth it.