Black speed dating in maryland

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Black speed dating in maryland

All that data can be harvested and used to create a social credit score.E-commerce giant Alibaba, which owns Alipay, has already made a private version of the future government system, called Sesame Credit. An algorithm assigns users a score between 350 and 950. Low scorers have to pay larger deposits to do things like reserve hotel rooms, and they can be shut out of first-class seats on trains and planes.Users can even link their scores to dating apps to screen potential mates.

Journalist Liu Hu discovered he was on that list last year when he found himself unable to book a flight on a travel app.Authorities use hand-held devices to search smartphones for banned encrypted-chat apps and politically suspect videos.The police checkpoints that dot the city are equipped with machines that can scan ID cards, faces, and eyeballs.Security cameras, ubiquitous in stores and on street corners, will be integrated into that surveillance platform, and artificial intelligence will analyze the mountain of video data.Suspicious behavior will be flagged, potentially affecting a person's social credit score.

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  1. For the past six months Indonesians and Thais are flooding the streets of Wan chai and they are more sophisticated and wild. And they can always go across the border for visa extension.