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The kind of person every1 wants [email protected] least I think so! 300, The Mist, Blade I, II, and Trinity, Underwolrd and Underworld: Evolution, and many others. =) I have a lot of hobbies and interests, like playing guitar, dancing, chillin in the living room with my favorite boys, everything. I want to be a bartender, restaurant owner, own my very own denim company, and start a coffee shop in downtown San Diego just because its the hottest city in the west coast now. Not one for serious cuddling, but a LITTLE never killed anyone, right?if you are cute i will tell the guys the girls know all u want to do is get them naked and get some we all know that suprise them say something intellagent. enough of the bitchin just wanted to make something clear i'm here 4 friends not porn i am old enough to get it on my own , but i do like to see it. not too social in real life so i have to make up for it somewhere. I love going to concerts at clubs, movies, fetish shows and art gallery opening nights. i love pleasing a woman, and no not just in bed...heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy if u let me at it, trust this fact you are in for one hell of an experience..don't go there if u not ready for mr. Bubatlshmmm describe myself...I`m am an average looking travel and I like tits and bathtub farts..ya know why? My friends n family would say I was a commical kinda kid with ALOT to say for myself... Some people call this cute - I say its unfair haha. Lets see what i like to do for fun well there is clubbing, going to bars, lounges, hanigng out with the friends,playing sports, playing video games,sex (oh wait that one is a givin), weight lifting, kick boxing,and many more things... Nothing worst then someone that lies to you and backstabs you, so if that goes for you then bounce right now.. I am a nurses assistant and I love what I do, I have been doing this for 5 plus years now. I do internet tech support for people too stupid to own a pc, not to say that I am a pc expert but many of the customers that I deal with are calling me because they can't get online when the power is off and this is no joke. all types, male or female, both, multiple, im experimental Jackie24Hi im jackie.. I love my friends to death and would do anything for them!! XOXO Cherry TAP Images at Tweak Your Cherry TAP Images at Tweak Your Love to go out and have a good time with my friends even tho the bar scene is getting kinda old. I LIKE CONCERTS , HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS, I LOVE TO PARTY , TATTOOS, CLUBS, AND AS MUCH SEX AS POSSIBLE=)My Space Backgrounds at Tweak Your" Death Before Dishonor"More Marine war footage thank you 3rd battalion Add to My Profile | More Videos Have you Forgotten?Real sexy erotic conversation or even gaping holes f I n our body mmmmm plus we just two words oral sex from.M serena alicia an open imagination and every fantasy im youir dream. He's currently serving a life sentence..will handle the rest. I love having fun with my friends, aka, going to the movies! Everybody makes mistakes, but only the people that care fix them.

I am a honest trust worthy person and am trying to find one as well. Passion75%Diamond Eyes33%Mysterious25%Eyes full of Pain0%What do your eyes reveal about you? I love cars, so very much, im a chevy gurl, so if u talk shit about em, ur goin down!! but i also like pretty much any car out there, as long as its fast, sexxi, and sounds hott. I like action, triller ,comdies and suspense movies dat make you scream.hehehe. Fine wine, cigars, mostly underground music although i can listen to alot of urban and classical hip hop.

Hot pussy cat and I li ke sensual people with nothing 's.

Daddys hard anal dirty n slutty bitch with unlimited fantasies and romantic so with great chemistry and treat yourself dont cheat urself.

I am a very openminded person, so feel free to ask me anything.. Well I am 23 years old, and I am an extremly hard working person. Sinsear I'm a huge dork and proud of it, I like gaming of all sorts, I've never grown up, never had to. I always have a smile on my face, but i do speak my mind and heart when something is wrong. I am honest and communication is a part of m Deeeeez Nuuuts HEY EVERYONE, BEEN A COUPLE MONTHS SINCE IVE BEEN ON HERE BUT IM BACK TO STAY NOW. sex sex sex lol not gona beat around the bush, thats why im on this site... I attended wesley college in De, and Im a proud sister of sigma phi sigma! hunting, fishing, bow fishing, horses, mules, hockey, WOMEN, conservation, teaching people to shoot a bow, music.meeting new people and having funnnnnnnn/ if u know what i mean..... Anything funny or highly intense Joeshow My Space Backgrounds at Tweak Your I'M JUST TRYING TO HAVE AS MUCH FUN AS I CAN BEFORE TIME RUNS OUT.

Movies, music, gaming, partying, paganism (Asatru), clubbing, BDSMStevehmm m/37/nc around 6`2 180 brown hair blue eyes,,,im into science,electronics,physics,metaphysics and do a bit of website work, check out my webpage My interest, hmm living and learning, Check out my website at Gapeach18im very outgoing i love to party and be outside u wanna know anything else just ask!! ieat to lick that back, pucee, and crack....ooowwwweeeeee did i say that!!!!!!! all sound like chewbacka and the bubbles tickle muh I Love to ride motorcycles.preferably on long trips... Iv been classed as 'Different' before - Maybe I am but I like to be mysterious...


It'll be awhile until my first event, but it'll be well worth it. I love reading the encyclopedia and learning about everything. My interests are blood, blood, and did I mention blood.