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Best english translated dating sims

Here’s the original interview with the always cheerful Mrs Gallant, the queen of funny dating sims AAR. Angie Gallant : Well, I am a 31 year old mother of one from Texas. I had heard of and seen some of the games targetting men, but Angelique was the first dating sim for women that I heard about.For the french translation and a brief presentation, this way please. Tokimeki Memorial Girl is right there, Hatoful Boyfriend the pigeon dating-sim is over there, and if you want to know whether Jane Austen’s works translate well in videogames, look no further than her Matches & Matrimony AAR. I’m a cancer survivor, an avid gamer, and I do quality assurance by day and post silly stuff to the internet by night. Even though it wasn’t translated into English, I was fascinated enough with the concept to give it a try, using a Geocities fansite to navigate the Japanese menus.

Your Let’s Play are always making fun of the games, and I guess a lot of people enjoy them while they would never touch the games themselves.

I like the variety of events and gameplay features they give you, and there’s certainly some very memorable characters. Himuro and Shiba Katsumi, to the aggravation of Saeki, and even the unspeakable terror inspired by the bearer of the pedostache and lurker-in-bushes Amanohashi. They don’t seem that interactive, especially when it comes to visual novels. My taste in dating games leans towards the lifesim side of things, and the more difficult it is to maintain your life/romance balance, the more I like them.

You can also find dating-sim mechanics married to other style of game.

It’s a nice little impulse buy, and not much else but a footnote on the history of the wacky animal dating visual novel movement.

Outside of Paca Plus, there are two other games in the series: Paca Plus Minus, a prequel, and Paca Plus Plus, a sequel.

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What’s notable about it, though, is that Paca Plus isn’t the same sort of lunacy as Hatoful Boyfriend. He only has two real loves in the world: His girlfriend Yukari Izumi, and alpacas. The only jokes present revolve around the stock archetypes that define the four names characters, and one of those characters lacks a joke to go with that personality.

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