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Belinda datinghouse

The two fall in love on the show, go on to compete in Challenges (and have yet to win one), then get divorced. "I was in a rut, in a bad relationship, and I needed something."That relationship ended when going on the show, because of the distance, and because of Danny.

Melinda Stolp, 29 was nervous when she was offered an opportunity to be on this season of was always something I wanted to do," Melinda said of her original season from 2005.

We made an agreement it wouldn't be awkward." However, for all of us who have seen the trailer for the new season, we do see an castmate asking Melinda "how could you divorce this kid? Melinda, who has been on a total of four challenges, says now she is happy with where her life is. Although she's lived with some of these people before, Melinda gave us a little hint that although she has a super goofy personality, we may get to see her more...

"This way, they don't have preconcieved notions about me! I haven't been on a challenge with him since , and it's like no time has passed. "So, now that she's back home from the show, Melinda has gone back to her every day life —working as a dental hygenist (yes, she cleans teeth)."I love what I do! I had a patient who came in and was like 'I can't believe the girl from She's also looking forward to the future.

You know, on Although some personalities may seem to get turned around on camera, Melinda explained that MTV does a good job of showing what's significant and what's real. MTV couldn't write that in."Speaking of jerks, Melinda's castmate from Austin, Wes Bergmann is also on her team this season. I really love that kid." She has also stayed in touch with other castmates from her 2005 adventure. " she said of her career that she's been working at for eight years.

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I don't know what Dave has been up to since and I don't care, Annie however recorded "Love Song For A Vampire", which was bloody fantastic, and some other things. Pre-dating house and techno beats, mixing new wave into rock, flirting with funk, jazz, calipso and gospel, this dynamic duo still receives a deserved welcome everytime you put their music on.