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Are you intimidating to guys quiz

In between, Swarup relates the often comic, intertwining stories of the six, leading up the fatal evening.

Too long, yes, but ‘Six Suspects’ is a rollicking good read.

Everyone at the party was searched, but only six were found to have guns, a disparate bunch with wildly different possible motives – personal, political, and plain dotty.

The final few chapters provide an array of solutions.

Each attended the party at which a man named Vicky Rai, a playboy film producer, was murdered. And although the story’s geographical span is even bigger than India, the whole thing feels handily confined to the kind of isolated, air-tight setting that Agatha Christie’s readers love.

Thanks to such a schematic setup “Six Suspects” is gleeful, sneaky fun.

and Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

Thus adrift, he lets himself be coaxed to a séance at which the spirit of Gandhi is scheduled to appear.

“I see dead people,” someone at the séance says with a snicker. And as a hard-drinking, meat-eating adulterer, he hasn’t much use for Gandhi anyhow. But he can forget all about this posturing and resume his old vices as if nothing had happened.

He says: Man chase I really have been in a funk lately.

I'm back in school and I feel like a social retard now lol!

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A fizzy romp seems to be the main thing he has in mind.