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Ang dating dalan

Please call our Customer Careline at 03-8689 2822 from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday. It is and online integrated centralized system linking the various stakeholders involved such as Malaysian employers, the Malaysian government, Source Country governments, Source Country Medical Centres and Recruitment Agencies in Source Countries, to assist in the recruitment, management and monitoring of migrant workers in Malaysia. The FWCMS Bio-Medical system is installed in accredited Medical Centres throughout these Source Countries.Please refer to a list of accredited Medical Centres. The FWCMS Bio-Medical system is installed in accredited Medical Centres throughout these Source Countries.Assuming the above is in order, you will need to perform the following: a) CONSENT FROM THE CHOSEN SOURCE COUNTRY EMBASSY Once you have decided what nationality (from the choice of sector and Source Country) you would like to employ, you will need to obtain consent from the chosen Source Country Embassy in Malaysia to recruit their citizens for employment in Malaysia.b) REGISTERED RECRUITMENT AGENCY Ensure that the Recruitment Agency in the Source Country that you intend to use is Registered with their respective home country Governments and with FWCMS.Prior to this activation, the Employer (Company/Business) will need to ensure that his/her contact information is up to date in the KDN database especially e-mail address and mobile phone no. Please verify that they have received the notification email before proceeding. You will then be brought to the ""New PIC Details"" tab.of the owner/director and their company representatives/Persons-In-Charge (PICs). Fill in all required data accordingly (employer ROC/ROB/ Association No, Employer Email Address, Employer Contact No, Security Code). Please confirm these details and click the "Submit" button.c) BIO-MEDICAL Once you have selected your chosen workers, instruct your chosen registered Recruitment Agent to bring these workers to any accredited Medical Centres in their area to perform the mandatory Bio-Medical registration and health screening.

At the moment, until the FWCMS Online Payments module is introduced you will need to visit the relevent Immigration Department only after your application has been approved to make payment of Government fees. FWCMS is a Holistic end to end solution developed to recruit, manage and monitor migrant workers in Malaysia.Prepare a Bank Draft for the payment amount as shown. Make payment at the payment counter at the Immigration office. Collect your VDR approval letter from the Immigration counter.NOTE: FWCMS is undergoing an integration process with the Immigration Department of Malaysia to enable Online payments directly via the FWCMS portal.Use of FWCMS is free of charge for Malaysian employers.The only payments that need to be made are for Insurance and Government fees.

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You will need to register your company with the Ministry of Home Affairs and apply for migrant worker recruitment quota.

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