And hiv and dating and dating marriage over 50

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And hiv and dating and

Julia Stambler isn't scared boyfriend Charlie Sheen has HIV ...and she wants to spread the word it's not a relationship buzzkill. Julia and Charlie believe there are surefire ways to avoid contracting the virus -- anti-viral meds and, of course, protection.A similar hoax message claiming to be reported by BBC News was in circulation a few days ago.The fake post also warned the public not to eat Cadbury chocolates for a few weeks claiming that a Cadbury worker had contaminated the products with HIV infected blood.

We're told Julia is hurt that many of her friends are warning her to stay clear of Charlie because of HIV, and she thinks they're ignorant and living in the fearful past.

Many people fear that their relatives will be hurt or angry.

Others feel that not telling relatives will weaken their relationships and may keep them from getting the emotional support and love that they want.

that he's been clear for nearly a year and his lifestyle has become militant healthy.

She believes he's clean, because he's participating in an HIV drug trial and that includes regular drug tests. Charlie's ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, introduced him to Julia, and we're told she's rooting for them.

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It can be very stressful to keep an important secret from people you are close to.

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