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Alain badiou internet dating

My main claim is that the figure of Prometheus the firebearer communicates Badiou's notion of an ethics of confidence, as the process in which radical change can be carried out.Lastly, this dissertation analyzes the function of the feminine other in relation to Badiou's conceptualization of antiphilosophy in general, in the seminar series on L' Antiphilosophie from 1992-1996.

It amounts to about 200,000 years, which is not a lot as compared to the millions of years over which the dinosaurs dominated our planet.Lacan is there posited as a double exception, as the one to bring contemporary antiphilosophy to its conclusion and as the one to avoid the distinctive criterion of misogyny.My main claim is that these two exceptions have to be read together in order to grasp how Badiou's philosophy proceeds to think radical change from the point of impossibility.This disseration analyzes the mark of sexual matters as it resurges on three occasions in Badiou's work.Firstly, it analyzes the function of sexual matters and the feminine other in relation to Badiou's concept of the generic multiple in L'Être et l'événement, such as it is developed in critical dialogues with Lacan's feminine logic of the non-all.

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Its basic presupposition posits that thinking radical change depends on an appreciation of the relations between sexual matters and an ethics of the act of subjective constitution, in the continuation of how psychoanalysis thinks the subject.

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