Akatsuki dating games for girls dating website criticism

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Akatsuki dating games for girls

If you are on a mobile phone or tablet, try visiting this project on a computer.If you're on a computer, your Flash player might be disabled, missing, or out of date. (no offense to sakura fans.) =.= Notice Me: An Itasaku Story Chapter One -- Her Itachi walked silently down the cobblestone path, his hands shoved in his pockets, thinking about his life.All his life, his father had told him to excel at everything that he did; no matter what.

btw this will NOT be discontinued even if i am having lazy days x D so ya it will get finished eventuallyi just use flash 8 which i downloaded for free ( which is rare but yes this link IS legal i checked b4 i used it ) and i learned the coding from pacthesis and fishizfriends .

" Hidan got offended."Indeed." said Kakuzu honestly. I hope I will find a rich girl who can pleasure me. I need a lover who can make my life warmer and brighter. I thought you only talked much when you recruited a new member." Deidara replied to Itachi. Sasori also showed his disgust toward him, "Who wants to date you if you keep acting cool...""Especially since you were caught watching a porn video." Deidara mocked Itachi again. Girls will be attracted by my handsomeness and my puppet shows, while you will scare girls when you offer rides with your giant snakes!

Are you mocking my religion, you sinful materialistic bastard?! I knew I shouldn't have done it but I had no other options better. I won't kill and hurt my second love...""Heh, now the coolest member speaks up his thoughts. But then Deidara tried to mock Itachi again, "Even the one who looks most like a normal human killed his own family, friends, and lover and still acts cool and calm..."Suddenly Happy interrupted their conversation, "Guys.

Hmmm..""You must be horny now, Deidara." Sasori replied, mocking his younger rival."You may think you will impress girls in the mage world with ninjutsu..." White Zetsu spoke up."..you will have to prepare yourselves to be impressed by their magics." Black Zetsu continued his counterpart's words. I know you expressed your fetishes during the Uchiha clan massacre."Sasori and Deidara laughed. I guess he will attract many too in Magnolia." said Kisame, praising his partner."Not just girls and women." Orochimaru told everyone.

Or maybe there is a girl who possesses some magic to bring money and gold.""Money and magic… I swear I will convert at least one girl from the mage world and make her confess my religion and worship my God." Hidan spoke his mind."Guys, you fantasize too much." Kisame warned them, "you will be very very disappointed when you've failed to achive your goals when you are overconfident."Unexpectedly, Itachi spoke up, "That's okay, Kisame. I killed my girlfriend during the Uchiha clan massacre. And Sasori did that too, "You are a perverted maniac who acts gentle and romantic. Seeing that, Kisame tried to make him look higher than those two guys who mocked him."Itachi attracted so many girls and women when he lived in Konoha. You didn't let me use your body and now you are lonely.""Of course he rejected you! "Nobody is interested in a man who can vomit snakes and release a very long sword from his mouth, is addicted to forbidden ninjutsu drugs, and switches bodies several times.""And which chick is attracted by a half-puppet man with a battery as his heart?

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If you want to make a game i can give u tips ( if u need help with coding and such )i've added a few gaara scenes if u want me to upload it ( hes my fave!