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While this friendship deserves dedication and preservation, it can become a serious burden during your parents’ divorce. They vent their anger, cry on your shoulder, and seek advice and support.

Make it clear that by airing their dirty laundry in your presence, it only causes you heartache.

I tried turning to my friends, but my situation was so unlike theirs that they could only empathize — advice was off the table.

In the three years since my parents went their separate ways, I’ve learned a number of things that I’d like to share in hopes of helping other adults who may be grappling with their parents’ divorce.

I had no idea, but this is a common procedure in many divorces.

In order for the refinancing to go through, the house had to appraise well, which meant a lot of fixing up.

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In order to protect your own mental well-being, you’ll have to put your foot down and set some clear boundaries.

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