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Serving more than 32,000 jobseekers each year, ACCES delivers customized programs that focus on connecting our clients with leading employers or starting a business in Canada.

In such cases, an employer’s duty to accommodate a disabled employee does not restrict the employer from terminating an employee for being unable to perform the essential work duties.

The duty to accommodate does not, however, carry with it an expectation of perfection.

Instead, the employer must make reasonable accommodations even if these fall short of a perfect solution for the employee.

This position is mainly responsible for the creation of employment opportunities for ACCES clients.

The individual in this position works with the ACCES Employment Consulting team, and will work closely with all community partner agencies and employers.

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Employees may have special needs related to illness, disability, or various circumstances that fall under prohibited grounds for discrimination such as a person’s sex, age, creed or other human rights factors.

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