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Because she was not able to say the name correctly, the defense attorney tried to make it seem she had named someone else.I felt it was likely she had merely made a paraphasic error in saying the name.On this blog we will periodically publish information that's relevant to people with aphasia, caregivers, and speech therapists.Aphasia Corner will be an online service for people affected by aphasia.The reason for this is that people have a 50% chance of responding correctly to a single Yes or No question. Mc Donough he did not use these accommodations and in fact asked her many open-ended questions.

In clinical practice we try to accommodate this disability by using multi-modality input (gesturing, pointing to pictures, writing down key words) to accompany our spoken words. Furthermore, some questions just cannot easily be translated into other multi-modality means of expression, without in some way altering the content.

Furthermore, should all of the attorneys have to equally abide by the same accommodations? The assistant district attorney used pictures and a series of yes/no questions in her questioning of Ms. She stayed away from asking open-ended questions because she knew these would be difficult for her. This became an issue in the trial when earlier testimony was recounted that contained words Ms.

Mc Donough had said in attempting to talk about the person she claimed had assaulted her.

” but rather she should be given questions requiring only a “yes” or “no” answer.

For a PWA who has relatively intact auditory comprehension, this may be a good solution.

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For a PWA, a much better way get this information across is to show a set of pictures and have her point to the picture of the person she meant to talk about, rather than requiring her to respond verbally, and, as happened in this case, using her own verbal response against her in subsequent testimony.

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